carrier oils 101



its sounds pretty simple because it is. it carries your EQ's for easy application. carrier oils are fatty oils + there are a ton of them. there is not a "best" carrier oil. it is simply preference! 

essential oils are highly concentrated and evaporate quickly. when blending them with a carrier oil, it helps disperse them on the skin for a more even application. 

most people like to use fractioned coconut oil, which is simply coconut oil that doesn't harden, or body application + then jojoba or rosehip oil for face rollers. 

experiment + find which one you like best! diluting with a carrier oil does not decrease the effectiveness. it does help them to absorb more slowly into the body, which is mostly important when using them on babies.             tip. keep a dropper bottle filled with carrier oil nearby for quick dilution!


+coconut oil | very nourishing to the skin. can be purchased in a fractioned, liquid version as well. 

+young living V6 | the perfect blend of coconut, sesame, grape, sweet almond, wheat germ, sunflower, + olive oils 

+almond | nourishing + soothing to the skin

+grapeseed | has an astringent- like quality 

+jojoba | this is a wax, and great for the scalp. very softening on the skin. typically used in small amounts with other carrier oils 

+rose hip | very healing + regenerative. best used in face oils + small amounts with other carrier oils. 

+olive | very nourishing, with a strong smell. most everyone has olive in their pantry, so this is great in a pinch! 


more info on carrier oils.


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