diffuser blends.

friends and family, 

i apologize for not writing sooner. have had a hectic past couple of days. buying a bus with hubs, started the renovations on the bus to become our home, and celebrating my birthday. 

okay, all of my excuses have been used up. so now let's get to business.  

if you have a diffuser, well this blog is for you!  i want to share some amazing diffuser blends:

01 clean + fresh. 

02 sleep tight. 

03 unwind + uplift. 

04 immune boost. 

05 happy. 

06 perk up. 

07 fight the cold. 

08. seasonal support. 


also, if you don't have some of these essential oils, young living has them and the starter kit through them will have all of these. if you want to know more about it, please message me and i will help you out! 

enjoy these blends! 

always love yourself, please.