i'm backkkkk

hi peeps. 

i'm backkk. i know you're excited but to be honest, i am not all that excited. i hate writing, i really do. it gives me anxiety and makes me want to crawl in a corner and just hide. and i would love to say it is because i am deaf, but i honestly can't because i have friends who are deaf and they are such amazing writers, so thanks friends for not letting me use my deaf card. my reason is just because i never took english class seriously all through my school years and guess what, i regret it deeply. so there you go, mom, this is your "i told you so" moment. but my mom did say "i promise you'll get better at it" which is true apparently from what i hear from others, so this is why i am forcing myself to write blogs so i can stop having nervous breakdowns and feel confident to write. 

this is my first blog for the year of 2019, that is just sad to me but i am setting myself goals for myself. speaking of goals!! i finally understand why us humans have goals in life.

this whole time, my opinion on the word

was non-existent. i thought goals were just a waste of your time. but nope, they are very useful. so i have made myself some goals, which will probably change many times but these are the ones for now:

+ write at least 2 blogs each week [that may not sound a lot for you but it is for me]

+ be consistent on social media, such as at least three instagram stories a day and post once a week.  

+ get toned 3 times a week. [i am always complaining about my jelly belly haha, so in order to be confident + happy about my body is to get toned] 

that's all i have for now, but i will probably add more on the list once i think more on it. but i hope you enjoy this session today and embraced the word, goals, like i have now. 

go ponder on some goals for yourself. 

always love yourself, please.