introduction to the world

hi peeps, 

i have finally agreed with myself to start blogging. we shall see if i am any good at this. as you can see, i am trying a new thing to do all lower cases. its neat looking to me, so stick with me. 

so my goal is try to write a post each week, hopefully, more than a post each week but we will see how my brain does. my posts will be full of recipes that anyone can make and fun tips about essential oils, carrier oils, and other ingredients. maybe i'll make sure there is a fun post about myself or even my hilarious family. 

so stayed tuned for many more posts to come because they are sure coming. i feel good about this so lets hope it stays like that.  

every writer that i have had the chance to read their work always end with a motto or a quote. well i will end mine with...

always love yourself, please.