friends and family, 
let me tell you, essential oils are my life saver!
my hubby, kyle, was feeling the sniffles yesterday and was just miserable. after doing some research with my group of young living peeps, they said to put a roller on the raven essential oil and rub it on each side of his nose and rub some on his chest. everyone, this is the real shit! i'm not kidding. 
he felt all better the next day. 
then i was feeling the sniffles today so i did the same routine and ya'll, i am a whole new person! it feels like i didn't even have a cold at all. 
i strongly recommend everyone getting the raven essential oil especially with the north carolina weather taking a turn. it is that time of year for everyone getting the sniffles and in order to feel better, grab that raven essential oil! 
also, another tip, when you are not feeling your best, get your diffuser out, and add:
it will help your surroundings feel more refreshing and relaxing. 
free yourself from the sniffles. enjoy breathing the fresh air. 
always love yourself, please.